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    1. Advantage

      First from concentration

      • We’re a professional manufacturer for baby m...

        Focus on baby monitor, with independent production capacity, rapid delivery, long-term concern about...

      • Our R & D teams have rich experiences regard...

        Ultra high performance price ratio, raw material production, source guarantee quality, quality selec...

      • We have good procedures for quality control.

        Customized according to customer demand, only for your products, powerful service system, stable log...

      • CE,FCC, RoHS & UL certificates are available...

        Have their own development team skilled technicians, you can reduce production costs, reduce product...


      About Us / ABOUT US

      About Us

      XX kitchen Co., Ltd.

      Shenzhen Mingchuang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.is a professional  manufacturer for baby monitor,power bank, power bank speaker etc. We are a true baby monitor manufacturer that integrates shape design, product development and production. Founded in 2016, we are a very young and dynamic company, but our team members have more than 8 years of working experience in the field of baby monitors. Before that,most of our members work in the earliest and the largest infant monitoring company in China.W...


      News / NEWS CENTER

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      Mobile:86-13714264917 Telephone:86-0755-84655136

      Address:4th Floor, No. 8 North District, Shangxue Technology Park, Putian, Longgang, Shenzhen,China
      WeChat scan concerns us:
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